Air & Water-Cooled Models : ¼ to 40 Tons

Process liquid chillers are designed to circulate a fluid medium (typically water, or a water-glycol solution) through a process application for COOLING and can supply temperatures between 20° to 65°F. These units can service a single or multiple cooling points, and are designed to be moved between process applications as the need requires. Generally, portable liquid chillers are offered in capacities from ¼ to 40 tons.

¼ - 30 tons
Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers
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AIR-COOLED LIQUID CHILLERS use ambient air to dissipate process heat. These units efficiently run in plant air temperatures between 60° to 95°F.

Major benefits to air-cooled units are heat recovery (for supplemental heating), exhaust air ducting (for plant ventilation), and less operating expense.

1 - 40 tons
Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers
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WATER-COOLED LIQUID CHILLERS use a plant water supply source (tower water, city water, or well water) to dissipate process heat.

Major benefits to water-cooled units are less capital expense and less maintenance.

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