Polyethylene and Steel Reservoirs, from 200 - 3600 Gallons

TEMPTEK pump tank stations are a two part system, a reservoir and pumping station with one or two pumps. The assembly is designed circulate a fluid medium (typically water or water-glycol solution) through several process applications through out your plant. Pump tank stations work with COOLING TOWER SYSTEMS or CHILLING SYSTEMS to make a central water system.

450 - 3200 Gallons
Polyethylene Reservoirs pump tank system
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These units use a patented design to create a structurally sound cylindrical reservoir that offers total corrosion resistance. Polyethylene reservoirs can be used for tower or chiller systems.

250 - 3600 Gallons
PT Series steel reservoir pump tank stations
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These units use steel sheets, double pass welded into a rectangular shaped reservoir, reinforced by angular tank banding.

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Temptek Auxiliary Equipment for every processing need.
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